Friday, March 20, 2015


Okay, it isn't that epic, I just like an excuse to use all caps in a socially acceptable way.

Although, I do have a couple of announcements. *Clears throat* Test, test. Can everyone hear me? Good.

First, Little Red Wolf is taking longer to edit than I ever imagined it would. So, ugh! But, yay for the betas and editors! You guys rock! Every manuscript has its crutch. That thing a writer does so often it makes little baby Shakespeare want to cry. This time around it is my overuse of modifiers and adverbs. GASP! I know, I know, I really should have learned that lesson a while ago. But hey! I'm allowed to be human, right?

So, I am mauling my modifiers and attacking my adverbs. After a short stint with a literary chainsaw and a nice cold beer, I'm ready to start rebuilding what I had to tear down. I think I lost an eyebrow... Oh, yep! My face is smoldering.

Second, my other project has been put on the back burner so I don't confuse my werewolves with pirates. Although that could be really funny given the proper set up. Hmm... And, so is its sequel. However! (That requires a ridiculous accent, by the way. I'll let you chose which one) I am making progress on the story.

All this editing means that Little Red Wolf won't be released until the Summer. I'm sorry! But, I am a perfectionist in my novels and need it to be perfect before I hit the "Publish" button. I'm picky like that.

With LRW coming out in June-ish, the mysterious pirate novel will be announced around the same time. I'm also submitting a few short fiction pieces (I know. Me? Keeping it short? Ha! But, anything is possible, right?) to a couple of different contests, so I will keep you all updated on that when I get new information.

FINALLY! (See? All caps is kind of fun sometimes.) I started a Meetup group in the South King County area called Writers Unite. It took a few weeks for us to smooth out the hiccups, and we still have a few tiny ones, but things are running fairly smoothly now. If you are in the area and interested in joining or sitting in on a critique group, please RSVP on, or email me. We meet on Wednesday mornings from 10am-1ish pm. Our meetings almost always run over because we're a bunch of Chatty Kathys who love what we do.

I think that pretty much covers it. I hope you are all having a wonderful day! And, if not, find something that makes you smile and stare at it until your mood improves. I promise you can't scowl at a fluffy puppy for too long without cracking. I think it is one of the forgotten laws of nature: "Thou cannot stare at cuteness and be cranky."