Friday, May 19, 2017

Fitness Friday: Just Eat It!

Hello and welcome to my first Fitness Friday post! Today I am talking about physical fitness. Next week I'm thinking will be an emotional fitness post. But, I'm not sure, so once I figure it out, I'll let you know! On to the main event:

As I said before, I have a lot of irons in the fire. The predominant one now is my health. I am participating in a health challenge. Yes, there is an exercise program, and yes, you are meant to follow a diet. However, this one is different. You can eat whatever you want. No, really. Instead of telling you “none of this” and “none of that” the program says, eat it! As long as it fits in one of the color coded containers, eat it. These containers represent one true serving of each type of food. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbs, etc… So, if it fits in the container, eat it. If it doesn’t, go by the serving size recommendation. For example, a slice of bread will not fit into the carbohydrate container, but one slice is one serving. So, you count the slices and that’s your serving count.

Speaking of serving count, each day you get a specific number of servings in each container category based on your weight and goals. Want to lose weight? Eat a ton of vegetables and not so many carbs or fats. Want to pack on muscle? Eat more protein. It is kind of idiot proof and keeps you accountable because it is so simple. No calories to count, no weird food tracker calculator thingies. Just eat what fits in your container so many times a day. Easy!

The other part of any body improvement program is exercise. This one is tricky. There are regulated fitness programs out there. Tons of them. You have the whole Beachbody line that includes P90X. There are videos all over the place that you can follow on YouTube or Gaia. Or, you can create and maintain your own fitness program. Which is what I do. I love my martial arts classes. I really do. They are fun, and challenging, and I sweat more than I really want to admit to on a blog. More importantly, they are 4 days a week. 4 days a week I am exercising 1.5  to 2.5 hours a day. That is 6 to 10 hours of exercise in a week. The minimum recommended is 30 minutes per day which puts the weekly goal at 3.5 hours. I’m an over achiever. But that means I NEED a rest day. That is a lot of work for your body to sustain, and let’s face it, I’m not 20 anymore. The other days of the week I try to do yoga and a quick little workout, or go for a run.

So, I’m working out every day, eating a balanced and healthy diet (finally), and feeling better than I have in years. I’ve tried fad diets and cleanses. They don’t work and in some cases are downright dangerous. Funny case in point. A couple years ago I did a 14 day cleanse with my husband. I systematically cut things out of my diet. I did the healthy crap they told me to do. At about 7 days in my husband said, “you know, this is a community property state. Since I did 7 days and you did 7 days then together we did the full two weeks. Wanna get a pizza?”

To which I of course agreed. I mean, come on! It's me, and pizza. Yeah... We called it in, drove into town, picked it up, and almost had to pull over on the way back. Just the smell of that beautiful gluten, cheese, sauce, and red meat made us high! We started giggling and got dizzy. We were fucking high from the smell of a pizza because we had been starving ourselves on a stupid cleanse! What?!

So, I am turning over a fitness leaf and I can say that I no longer get high from the smell of pizza. Not only that, but I no longer crave the unhealthy things I did before. It just doesn’t sound good anymore. I will keep you posted on my journey to lose 30 pounds this year. I may be short, but I aim high!

Stay tuned for next time where I talk about my martial arts obsession just a little bit.

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