Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Randomness Wednesday: Book Format Announcement

I have a HUGE announcement.

This is big you guys.

You ready?

You sure?


I’m taking down my paperback books. I know! It’s a polarized topic. Personally, I love holding a book in my hands. The feel, the smell, the tactile enjoyment of turning a page. Ah! That’s a little bit of heaven right there. BUT, every book out there is a dead tree. Every copy I’ve sold is one new member of a forest that will never reach for sunshine. And that thought is heartbreaking to my inner hippie.

The truth is, as much as I love reading from a paperback, I love hiking in the woods with an audiobook more. I love swinging in my hammock reading an ebook more. I love nature. In particular, I love oceanside forests. There is nothing that says paradise more than laying in a hammock, listening to the waves crash against the shore, feeling that breeze that rocks me gently, and smelling the mineral heavy air as I sigh. That is my paradise. And I can have that with an ebook or audiobook.

The project I am working on is all about climate change. I’ve read so many articles and done so much research on our slow murder of the planet that I cannot morally justify printing copies of my books anymore. I just can’t. My heart is heavy thinking of all the damage I cause by printing and shipping books.

SO, I will only be releasing books in digital or audio formats from now on. My previously released works will be taken out of print at the end of the month. AND, a portion of the proceeds from every sale of my books from now on will be donated to the National Park Foundation to help maintain, protect, and promote our national parks.

Look for news about this new project that is changing my mind next week! I may have a nice little surprise for you.

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