About Me

I am an author of many genres including fantasy, historical adventure, literary fiction, and an amalgamation of a few others all mashed up with humor, romance, and reality.

I am a hippie trapped in the wrong era (I so want an old school VW van). I love to live in my imagination. I write because it is fun. It is what I love to do, what brings me joy, and happiness, and a sense of peace. My characters are some of my best friends and all of their experiences are taken from things I have seen mystery in no matter how mundane they seem on the surface.

I write in a myriad of genres, all of which collide and are fairly contradictory. All of my books hold light and dark elements of life. Some are primarily light and some are primarily dark, but all blend both extremes to dance in the breath between. Definitely fun and abby-normal, but being normal is just a bit too boring for me I guess.

I love to edit and support other authors. Because I love it so much, I started a critique group in the Kent, Washington area. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10am to 12pm, or longer because we talk WAY too much.

I also sing. Usually in my kitchen and using whatever my son decides is the perfect microphone for that moment. And, dance. I love to dance about as much as I love to write. As such, I have many costumes from my professional dance troupe days that I put on to twirl around the house.

Otherwise I am hanging out in coffee shops, libraries, and just about anywhere that has free wifi and will feed my crazy, creative author lifestyle in the shadow of Mount Rainier in Washington.

I hope you enjoy my website and all the weirdness it shows of my personality!

~ Contact Me ~

My official business email is: LNDFiction@yahoo.com

I can also be found:
  • On Twitter: @Michel_Lee_King
  • On Facebook: King.Michel.Lee