The Dark

Books listed here feature darker themes with moments of comedic relief. I no longer offer paperback copies of my books. However, if you would like a signed bookmark or postcard, simply donate to the coffee fund and I will happily send it to anywhere in the world. Thank you!

Road Of Thorns ~ Released March 22, 2013
Tragic Paranormal Gothic Romance - Werewolf
Tyr is a monster, preying upon the maidens of villages for sport and sustenance. But his life of torture and pleasure begins to feel more like a chore than a future plan. He wants adventure, a challenge. It appears in the form of a petite hunter with impeccable aim. Igniting a drive for change, and an insatiable hunger, he follows her into a future from which neither can return. Dark, gritty, full of passion with a dash of humor, this Paranormal Tragedy promises a gripping werewolf adventure. Kindle iTunes Audible

Little Red Wolf Trilogy Book One:
Cloak & Dagger ~ Releasing TODAY
Dark Fantasy - Werewolf, Roman Empire, Germanic Warriors, Romance

A demonic howl rips through the air. Panicked voices call out.  Women race through the fields to the sanctuary of their walled village. The wolf howls again. Men barricade the entrance, daughters are wrapped in the protective arms of their mothers. Sons race to assist their fathers. It is a scene I've seen many times. Heard many times. Caused many times. Their fear does nothing for me. I'm not here for them. I am here for the one they harbor, the one they protect. The harpy in maiden's clothing. I am here for the one who changed me.

She stole my life, my husband, my future, my sanity. Now with the wolf inside I will find her. I will shred her. That harpy will never fly again.

My name is Ashleigh. I am the big bad wolf. And I am here for Rosamund.