The Dark

Books listed here feature darker themes with moments of comedic relief. If you would like a signed paperback shipped to you, please click on the "Buy Now" buttons below each title. There is a $2 difference in list price to cover my shipping costs to anywhere in the world. Thank you!

Road Of Thorns ~ Released March 22, 2013
Tragic Paranormal Gothic Romance - Werewolf
Tyr is a monster, preying upon the maidens of villages for sport and sustenance. But his life of torture and pleasure begins to feel more like a chore than a future plan. He wants adventure, a challenge. It appears in the form of a petite hunter with impeccable aim. Igniting a drive for change, and an insatiable hunger, he follows her into a future from which neither can return. Dark, gritty, full of passion with a dash of humor, this Paranormal Tragedy promises a gripping werewolf adventure. Kindle Paperback iTunes Audible

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Little Red Wolf ~ Releasing Summer 2014
Dark Fantasy - Werewolf

My name is Ashley. I am better known as Little Red Riding Hood, but... I am the big bad wolf.