The Light

Books listed on this page have a general overtone of lighthearted humor and life's quirks. I no longer sell paperback copies of my books. However, if you would like a signed bookmark or postcard, simply donate a few dollars to my coffee fund and I will happily send one anywhere in the world. Thank you!

Even Hippies Get The Blues
New Adult Literary Humor, Romance
Amy "Star" Landry is your average, self-professed, 20-something hippie working in Spokane's worst restaurant to fund her budding art endeavors. However, the problem with being a peace-loving pacifist in a consumerist society is that Murphy, and his pesky law, seem to have painted a target on Amy's back. How many times can one waitress be interrogated in one day? What is it really like to answer the door to find your crush on the other side while impersonating a giant, sunshine colored burrito? And, just how much orange acrylic paint can get caught in dreads before an interview?


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